Canyoning for Kids

If you're wondering how to keep your kids entertained during the hot humid days, with summer holidays starting in the next few weeks, we have the perfect idea for you.

Canyoning and rafting can be the perfect addition to any family holiday!

Canyoning Kids

What is canyoning?

Gliding down natural slides, jumping into stunning pools and abseiling down waterfalls, definitely beats going to a waterpark!

Canyoning is the sport of navigating this natural waterpark; i.e. a canyon. You start at the canyon's top and navigate your way down.

Canyons can be created by water running down a mountain, or they can be naturally occurring gorges. The shape of the canyon depends on the type of rock and the amount and force of the water flowing through it.

Canyoning Kids

What age can you start canyoning?

In Japan, and around the world, there is no official guideline for what age a child can start canyoning.

At Canyons, we have safety guidelines based on the best and most up-to-date practices from around the world, including from New Zealand.

When snowmelt can make streams colder and water levels higher in spring, we restrict the age limit to 13 years old.

But in summer, we can take children as young as 7, or if they are 1st grade at elementary school, canyoning!

We guide children through a specific canyon that is suitable for younger children and beginner canyoneers. This is the lower level of our most popular canyon in Minakami - Fox Canyon.

Children can jump from small waterfalls and enjoy a refreshing drop into the water + little slides and slow-moving streams to play in.

Canyoning Kids

We also offer private tours for families and we can then personally cater the canyoning trip to the ages and abilities of your children. Please email us to find out more about a private tour!

For teenagers, they will get to experience more of a challenge with some bigger jumps and longer abseils!

If your child likes to try new things, loves being outside and active, then canyoning is a must-do activity!

Canyoning Kids1


Safety is our top priority. Your child will wearing a specialised wetsuit, have a harness and a helmet and they will with a fully qualified guide.

It's important that, whatever the child's age, they should be comfortable in water.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch and we can make sure to plan the perfect canyoning trip for you and your family.



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