Canyons Mission

Refresh the world through adventure experiences.

  • Enjoyment:A mental and physical break from daily routine.
  • Growth:Develop potential through moving experiences that provide challenge and achievement. Sharing and hearing new perspectives.
  • Connection:Connection with nature, other people, other cultures, yourself.
Adventure Experiences
  • A stimulating experience that will induce a range of emotions (of which excitement will be key).
  • Different from everyday life.
  • Include mental and/or physical challenges and risk.
  • Be intrinsically rewarding, providing opportunities for enjoyment, learning and self-development.
  • Both hard and soft adventure.
Refresh customers, community, and nature
  • By creating refreshed customers that spread that positive feeling into the world; to their workplace, their families, their friends.
  • Refreshing local communities by contributing knowledge, financial benefits, employment, and positive energy.
  • By sustaining the natural environment we use, and inspiring the implementation of solutions to the environmental crisis. 
  • By creating a positive work environment that facilitates personal growth.

Canyons Vision

Become the world leader in outdoor adventure experiences.

world leader
  • Creating change for the better.
  • Having followers.
  • Global scale. 
Outdoor adventure experience
  • Any adventure experience undertaken outdoors.

Canyons Value

Values are the underlying beliefs and principles that guide our actions.


Customers' happiness, community happiness, crew's happiness (work, family, fun).


Exceeding customer expectations, and having a positive lasting emotional impact.

Global standards

We want to be at the forefront of the industry; adopting the best practices and standards from around the world for all facets of operations.


Be long-term focused on the four pillars; quality experiences, ecological protection, contribution to community, profitability. Strive to provide a stable long-term work environment.


Strive to become the best leaders we can by adopting the best values of leadership: respect, fairness, honesty, responsibility, flexability, service to others.

Learn, grow, and teach

Take on new challenges, continually learn and grow, pass on knowledge by teaching others.


Have passion for what we do, be positive and inspire others.


Always look to improve, innovate, and be open to new ideas.


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