Minakami Rafting, Canyoning & Glamping

Refresh in Minakami


Refresh the world with canyoning rafting!

Minakami is an outdoor paradise where you can experience various outdoor activities, but the most popular ones are canyoning and rafting.
If you want to experience high-thrilling torrent rafting like a natural roller coaster in the spring season, and canyoning down to the bottom of a mysterious canyon, come to Canyons Minakami.

At Fox Canyon, which is synonymous with Minakami Canyoning, the waterfall descent with courage is a lifelong memory. We are passionate about diving from rocks in to the safety of refreshing water.

Tonegawa rafting that shows different feel in spring and summer. While rafting has the image of barreling down a powerful torrent, depending on the season and the amount of water, you can go slowly downriver while enjoying the lush scenery. Tonegawa rafting that shows different feel in spring and summer.

Canyons Minakami Facilities

Eat, sleep, play


Enjoy our famous Canyons Burger lunch on our riverside deck. All food prepared fresh daily from local ingredients.


Relax at our riverside BBQ area, enjoy a cold beer and hang out around a grill. Hmmm BBQ!


Try out one of the local craft beers or grab a snack. Hang out with the guides after your tour.


Stay at our glamping site; Riverside Oasis or Alpine Lodge to make the most of your time in Minakami. We also have great deals for other accommodation


Minakami is the premiere four season adventure destination in Japan. Located just 70 minutes from Tokyo it is a very popular destination for weekend getaways, especially in Summer. It is also famous for its hot springs (onsen) and is home to Takaragawa Onsen, Japans largest outdoor onsen.