CANYONS MemberSHIP system

Become a Canyons Member

Once registered on the membership program, you will receive member points each time you participate on any of our tours!
These points can be redeemed for goods and services at Canyons Minakami, Okutama and Agatsuma
Members also receive the latest news and secret offers!


Membership frequently asked questions


Q1. How do I become a member ?

A1. When you arrive at our Canyons base please enter your details on our Ipad to check in. Then your information will be registered with us. You will recieve points for every tour you join and this will be automatically added to your client information and profile.

Please note: For new members you can not use points for goods and services. We are working hard to fix this and will notify you via our Website and Newsletters once it is up and running. In the meatime, points will be added to your account for all tours you take part in during the 2016 Summer Season.

Q2. For those who have paper Members Cards...

A2. Thank you for taking part in adventure tours with Canyons.

We would like to announce that we'll be implementing a new membership point program from 2016.

Up until last year, it has always been an issue if you forgot to bring your card with you for your next tour, or lost it between adventures. With this new system, we'll include your points to your personal information inside our database and add points accordingly to the amount spent on your tour. It will always be available to use for the next time you come to Canyons.

Q3. How many points do I earn and how much are they worth?

A3. Each time you participant in one of our tours you will recieve points. For example, a Halfday Canyoning Tour is 9500 JPY and you will earn 950 points. The points are at the rate of 1 point = 1 JPY

Q4. What can I use the points for?

A4. Any of the outdoor tours provided by Canyons

  • Tour options such as Lunch and BBQ
  • Original apparel sold in Canyons Fan Shop

Please note: Your points cannot be used as part payment to pay for services in combination with cash

For example:

Good - Using 1000 points to add Lunch Option.

No Good - Using 2000 points on a halfday tour (9,500 JPY) and paying 7500 JPY in cash

Q5. What do I do with my old membership card?

A5. We will add 1000 points per stamp on your card to your new account. Please bring your old card next time you come to Canyons.Please note: we are unable to convert multiple Member Cards to the same account.

Q6. When can I start using the points?

A6. The new points system will be available to use on options and tours from Summer 2016. We'll be notifying you via our website and Newsletters. In the meantime, we'll be adding the points to your account every time you participate on Canyons tours.

Q7. How do I know how many points I have earned?

A7. We are working on finalizing the Membership site where you can access your account information. Once again, we will notifying you when the Membership site becomes available. We're sorry for the inconvenience but please be patient. Good things come to those who wait!

Q8. When do my points expire?

A8. There is no expiry date for the new points system. We can also convert your old membership cards to our new points. Please note that we are unable to convert multiple Member Cards to the same account

 Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions that are not covered here and we will be happy to help


We are looking forward to another adventure experience with you this summer!


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