Private Outdoor Tours

Customized to make your perfect day

Private Tour

Customize your own perfect day

If you want an exclusive tour for just your group then we have the perfect package for you. A private tour means you get a customized experience for your group without having to worry about other participants. Our experienced guides will create the perfect experience based on your needs. The tour can include a number of different adventures; according to customers preference.

Benefits of a private tour

  • ONLY your group for the tour

  • Customize the course, start time and thrill level

  • Access to courses normally not offered

  • Kids from 6 years + can go canyoning! (normally 13yrs +)

Tour Information


Tour guide, equipment and photos/videos

What to bring

  • Swimsuit (water activities)

  • Bath towel

  • Bag for wet swimsuit and bath towel


Half-day Private Tours

  • Up 4 people - 60,000 yen

  • For 5th people onwards 12,500 yen/each

Full-day Private Tours

  • Up 4 people - 100,000 yen

  • For 5th people onwards 20,000 yen/each



Minakami Area

Stay at the "Riverside Oasis" camp area in your own private glamping tent, the perfect add-on to complete your total outdoor experience.


Minakami Area

Enjoy local produce and meat from the award winning "Ikufuudo" butcher. Vegan options are also available.


Minakami & Okutama Area

Enjoy our delicious handmade 100% Beef Burger (Minakami) or Volcano Lunch (Okutama) on the spacious riverside deck. Vegan options also available.


Tell us about your group and we can come up with a plan for the perfect day of adventure!


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Canyons blog

Meet the Team: Sara Suzuki

キャニオンズは単なる会社ではなく、コミュニティのひとつでもあり、そこで働く人々は単なる従業員ではなく、家族でもあります。 そんな、わたしたちキャニオンズのひとりひとりのストーリーをぜひ皆さんと共有したいと思います!

Meet the Team: Aki

キャニオンズは単なる会社ではなく、コミュニティのひとつでもあり、そこで働く人々は単なる従業員ではなく、家族でもあります。 そんな、わたしたちキャニオンズのひとりひとりのストーリーをぜひ皆さんと共有したいと思います!