Minakami rafting tours

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July - October

Summer Half-Day Rafting

Summer rafting offers a different experience to the big rapids in the spring. Cool water, relaxation, and gorgeous mountain scenery.

Location: Minakami
Ease of access: Very easy
Highlight: Floating in cool pools and jumping from the river bank into the refreshing waters
Tour level: 1 (Low)

Rafting Areas

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rafting spring1

Minakami Spring

Spring rafting in Minakami is the real deal!  Over 12kms of grade 4 whitewater bliss on the half day section and over 25kms on the full day course make for nonstop action! Pass through 3 incredible gorge sections and not only enjoy the thrilling rapids but alos learn a bit about the town and its history from our experienced guides.

Spring tour  

rafting summer

Minakami Summer

From the middle of June the water level in the river drops and it is summer season rafting which is perfect for those who are not after the high thrills of spring. Mess around in and outside the boat with your guide, and enjoy the stunning nature that surrounds you. Even with the more gentle flow there is still plenty of time out on the river to have lots of fun.

Summer tour