Family Canyoning

Easy Canyoning for Family with kids


July - August


3 Hours


¥7,000 ~ ¥8,000


Tour information

Family Canyoning

The Fox Course, which is immensely popular at Minakami Canyoning, has been utilized for a family-friendly EASY Canyoning Course in the lower stream area. It's a canyoning tour that families can enjoy together during the summer vacation.

Children as young as 1st grade in elementary school can participate.

In the valley below the 20-meter Inari Waterfall, which is the main feature of the Fox Course, there are plenty of exciting elements in canyoning, such as ziplines, sliders, and jumps! It's a perfect course setting for children who want to try a little challenge.

The adult fee is 7,000 yen for those aged 13 and above, and 5,000 yen for children aged 7 to 12.

Children cannot participate alone. It is mandatory for parents or guardians to accompany them.

Tour details

Please read carefully before booking

Free parking
Changing room
Mens / Womans
Personal Effects
* Please bring your own swimwear and towels 
* If you wear glasses, please bring a strap (also available at Canyons)  If you wear glasses we recommend using disposable contact lenses

*The shoes used in the regular tour are made for adults, so please bring shoes that are okay for children to get wet.

お客様の都合によるご予約のキャンセル(人数減少も含む) 15日~7日前:20% 6日~2日前:30% 前日:50% 当日:100%

Cancellations made by customers (includes decreasing of booked numbers) 15 - 7 days before: 20% 6 - 2 days before: 30% Day before: 50% On the day: 100%

* Minimum age for participants is 7 years old
* Pregnant ladies cannot participate on this tour
* Tours will still run if it is raining though excessively high water may cause the tour to be cancelled 
* No alcohol is permitted prior to the tour. Furthermore, anyone who cannot participate on the tour due to having consumed alcohol will be liable for cancellation charges 

*If we judge that it is dangerous for a family tour even in conditions where a normal tour can be held, we will cancel it.

Tour flow

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Tour options

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Why not try our colossal Canyons Burger for lunch?

Our 100% beef burgers are served with locally smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, our ultimate BBQ sauce and topped with crispy salad. This monster is accompanied by potato wedges and our chefs secret relish. This taste bud tickling delight is not to be missed.
Vegan option is also available. 

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Riverside barbecue with everything provided.

At Canyons we love to BBQ! So we have created the best plans possible to make for the perfect end to an awesome day! Enjoy top quality meats from the famous ”Ikufuudo" butcher and locally sourced vegetables in a prime location by the Yubiso River.

BBQ types:
Canyons Plan 3000 yen/person
Deluxe Plan 4000 yen/person
More details >>

Full vegan BBQ option is also available.

Add the “BBQ option” when filling out your booking form.

Glamping & Lodge 

Relax at our glamping area "Riverside Oasis" or Alpine lodge.

If you really want the full Minakami experience then you MUST stay the night. Canyons make this easy with our riverside accommodations located at the same place as our tours.
More Details>>

If you are looking for a budget stay this is a great option!

Add the “Lodge option” or "Glamping option" when filling out your booking form.


July - August

Location: Minakami

Ease of access: Very Easy




Canyons Minakami Base 45 Yubiso Minakami-machi Tone-gun Gunma JAPAN 〒379-1728


July - August


3 Hours


¥7,000 ~ ¥8,000



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