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A train straight from Shinjuku brings you to the heart of the nature paradise of Okutama - a variety of outdoor adventures just a short hop from the capital. Okutama is a destination on the up!

okutama detailOkutama Canyoning TOURS

Canyons Okutama offer a great half day canyoning adventure and there are also certain dates when we run the every popular one day course. Immerse yourself in the lush, green world of vegetation and water  - you'll be surprised that there is such a natural wilderness so close to the city. A complete escape from the urban sprawl as you enter a different world!

Okutama Canyoning tour


Okutama Half day Packraft tour

Rafting in a single person boat. Expect to be relaxed, refreshed, and pleasantly surprised.

Okutama Packraft tour

Recommended lunch menu



It is topped heavily the roast beef on rice

Volcano  1000 JPY
Large Volcano 1200 JPY

Canyons Okutama Cafe AWA
We have been dreamt to have Canyons base where a sense of oneness with nature.
It is the appearance viewed from river
The interior is calm atmosphere
A lot of green in the terrace
There is a river right outside the building
It is located in the trees along the river
The view from terrace


Tamagawa, one of the best 100 stream with clearest water, flows through the valleys with surroundings of beautiful mountains. Enjoy the nature of throughout four seasons from the promenade beside the river. 


Only 76 minutes from central Tokyo, Shinjuku station on express train(918 yen)! If you ride the "Holiday Express Okutama" at 7:44 , you will be in the great outdoor field of Okutama by 9:00 am. (There's no transfer so you can even sleep in it!)


Canyoning and BBQ afterwards is not the only way to enjoy Okutama. There are many sightseeing spots such as Ontake with a cable car, caves, Japanese sake brewery,museums and of course a hot spring to warm you up after your refreshing experience! All sites are within a walking distance from the station, so hop on the train on the way back and there's no worries about being too tired after your adventure!


Try walking along the river before or after the tour. Inhale crystal clear air of Mitake gorge, it cool even in summer! Still feeling hot? try dipping your hands into the stream and you'll no longer feel hot!

Access by Car

Canyons Okutama

From Tokyo area 
Chuo Expressway Hachioji JCT ~ Kenodo~ exit Hinode IC ~  Route 411 - 40 min Okutama 
from Saitama area 
Kenodo Expressway Ome IC exit ~ Ome Road- 40 min Okutama

Access by train Direct express from Shinjuku "Holiday Express Okutama"
From Tokyo:
1.Transfer from Chuo Line to Ome Line at Hachioji Station.
2.Transfer at Ome station for Okutama bound train
From Yokohama:
1.Transfer from Yokohama Ome Line at Hachioji Station
2.Transfer at Ome station for Okutama bound train
From Kawasaki:
1.Transfer from Nanbu Line to Ome Line at Hachioji Station.
2.Transfer at Ome station for Okutama bound train
From Takasaki:
1.Transfer from Hachiko Line to Ome Line at Haijima Station.
2.Transfer at Ome station for Okutama bound train
  • JR Ome Line "Mitake station"
  • It is approximately 1.0km to Okutama direction Ome Kaido
  • A 20-minute walk the promenade along the river
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Canyons Oktama
53 Kawai Okutama-machi, Nishi Okutama-gun,Tokyo

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