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Make the most of your powder time in Japan by hiring a professional mountain guide to safely guide you around the backcountry. BC tours are the best way to learn about secret stashes and our crew of highly experienced international guides will ensure you have an amazing day!

We keep the group sizes small to maximize the riding time and maximize the freshies! It is best if you have a group with ability levels that are relatively close so we can customize the terrain for you.

If you are planning on multiple days in the backcountry, we offer a variety of resorts:

Nozawa Backcountry - Our main BC area with fantastic tree skiing options, short hikes and great terrain.

Myoko Backcountry  - Just 45 mins drive from Nozawa, Myoko offers some great terrain options from well spaced beech trees to alpine bliss.

Madarao Backcountry - 30 mins from Nozawa is this great little resort with some hidden gems.

Yuzawa Backcountry - Try out one of the biggest local BC areas. Easy access to 2000m mountains with great snow conditions and plenty of terrain options.


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