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Corporate Team Building in Japan

Corporate team building in japan

Canyons has been the "go to" company for outdoor based corporate team building in Japan for over 20 years. We have created custom programs for 100's of companies, from small groups of 10 up to 200+ people. Our professional outdoor guides will ensure safety, while our experienced facilitation staff will help you to achieve your companies goals by relating core concepts back to the work environment. Some of the concepts we regularly work with;

  • Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Leadership
  • Problem solving
  • Communication

This can be provided in a very formal setting over multiple days or a more casual manner over a half day, depending on the desired outcomes of the event and the corporate culture. Some examples of popular events we provide:

  • Raft race
    Small to large groups (20-200+). Teams are split into groups of 15-20 people (2-3 rafts) and have to perform certain challenges as they descend down the Tone River. Points are gained for each challenge overall time. Teams must decide on their strenghts and when to play their "Joker card" for double points. A lot of strategy, planning, communication and FUN!
  • The great hunt
    Small to large groups (10 - 200+). Teams navigate around a series of courses collecting clues to solve the overall puzzle. Points are awarded for accomplishments and time around the course. The difficulty of the challenges and course length can be customized to suit each company.
  • Multi-sport race
    Small to medium groups (10 - 60+).A mini adventure race using many forms of transport; running/walking, cycling, rafting, swimming and canoeing. Each course is setup for the size and level of the participants.
  • Raft building
    Small to large groups (10 - 100+). Teams use materials to construct a raft that they then must race around a circuit on a lake. First raft to complete construction gets pole position, but will it hold up around the course?
  • Bridge building
    Small to medium groups (10 - 60+). Teams work together to construct a bridge over the river. Rules can change mid game, so stay on your toes! (Just like the business environment)


Eat, drink and relax



Enjoy a delicious lunch on our riverside deck. All food prepared fresh daily from local ingredients.


バーベキュー キャニオンズ


Relax at our riverside BBQ area, enjoy a cold beer and hang out around a grill. Hmmm BBQ!


cafe snack

Cafe & Bar

Try out one of the local craft beers or grab a snack. Hang out with the guides after your tour.




Great deals on Minakami accommodation to make the most of your time.



If your company doesnt need team building but just a venue for an off-site meeting then Canyons can provide all of the hospitality needed; gourmet BBQ, acitivites and accommodation. There are also many nearby accommodation options if you would like to go more "upmarket".

We can also create incentive packages to reward your hard working staff.  


Winter Programs

Winter programs


Canyons' Minakami base is nestled in the Tanigawa mountain range which is home to 10 ski resorts, the closest being 200m from our back door. Within 60 minutes drive there are over 40 ski resorts to choose from, including some of the largest resorts in Japan. The snow quality and volume of snow is rated in the 'Top 3 in Japan', providing the perfect playground for winter activities and creating a long season that starts early December and goes through to late April.

Why Minakami?

Amazing consistant snow conditions with a long season from Dec through to late April. We have a large variety of ski resorts to choose from and easily accessable from Tokyo and airports in under 3 hours. The ski resorts are uncrowded meaning no time waiting in lift queues and no trying to dodge the traffic. There are also plenty of "off the slopes" activities too!

Canyons Alpine Lodge

The Canyons-run Alpine Lodge provides the ideal base camp. Space to chill, exercise and be energetic or recover for the next adventure! Groups can choose from a wide range of activities from our 'adventure menu' or we can work with your group to create a customized solution.

The basic plan is accommodation with breakfast and dinner included.  With lots of staff from different countries there is a very international atmosphere. The lodge is surrounded by nature and with no other nightlife close-by, it is the ideal base for a group to stay together. The site itself covers a large area so big groups can be accommodated without problems combined with our sister lodge 300m away we can accommodate groups of up to 100 people..


 crafts and culture
 Igloo making
 making soba noodles
snowcanyoning jump
 traditional japanese experience


 fruit picking




Click on the links below for more information

Summer and Winter Outdoor Education Brochure

Winter Activities photos

Snowcraft Canyons video

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or you would like to make an inquiry

Team building

Team building

Training and rescue

Training and rescue

Summer programs

Summer outdoor education programs


Sitting on the border of Gunma and Niigata Prefectures, Minakami town in Gunma is just 2 hours away from Tokyo and the metropolitan area. Minakami is at the head of the Tone River and the entrance to Joshinetsu National Park and the majestic Mt. Tanigawa. With spectacular nature on the doorstep there are a host of perfect places to enjoy a wide range of outdoor adventures. 

education rafting1

Rafting and canyoning

Rafting and canyoning are the main summer activities. Rafting is a river sport that involves floating in a rubber boat and working as a team to reach the goal. Canyoning is making your way down the length of a mountain stream, over waterfalls and natural rock slides. You slide down waterfalls that can reach up to 20 meters and swimming out of the bubbling pools below. Both sports involved huge amounts of fun and adventure, with the chance to challenge yourself and enjoy the beauty of the nature in Japan.

Canyons also manage a lodge

The basic plan is accommodation with breakfast included. For dinner and lunches there are also BBQ or local restaurant plans available. With lots of professional staff from different countries there is a very international atmosphere. The lodge is situated riverside and is surrounded by nature so it is the ideal base for a groups to getaway from it all. The site itself covers a large area so big groups can be accommodated without any problems.

canyoning fox3
canyoning water
education canyoning
 making soba noodle
mt tanigawa
 Hiking Mt.Tanigawa
camp summer


education rafting1

Fun & Flexible Education Programs

Canyons run an adventure education program with the highest levels of safety management. The guiding principles include "life skills", as well as "connecting with other languages, cultures, people, nature and yourself".

Students who experience the program learn about cooperation, trust, challenge and sense of achievement in the outdoors. Exciting experiences geared towards learning outcomes lead the students towards individual growth.

Adult teambuilding

Training. Group accommodation

Organizational problem solving or leadership programs are also available. These options are available either as residential or day trip programs. Every program is built specifically for each group in a consultation with the organisation in order to ensure that specific goals are met.

education rafting5

English Power Up

Having an environment in which to practice English conversation is key. Being in the great outdoors and being able to practise English is a great motivator. Along with realizing the fun of hearing and speaking English to communicate, of interaction with instructors from other countries, there is also the opportunity to become familiar with and learn about other languages and culture.

canyoning 3

Adventure education  

It is a process of learning via being challenged in a group by different adventures. Students have to employ problem solving and analytical skills, use their imagination, and to learn to pull together as a team. With the natural environment as the setting, adventure challenges are used to build trust and to develop interpersonal relationships.

Adventure education aims to build life skills. When one encounters difficulty, learn to think together and work towards finding a solution. Develop thinking skills. Be able to interact constructively with others. Allow yourself to trust others and in turn support them. All these skills are required to conquer the challenges and succeed in life ahead.

Canyons have a team of experienced facilitators with knowledge of leadership, motivation, personal development, environment, science, geography and culture. All these elements can be drawn upon to construct a program that is tailor-made to fit the curriculum and learning objectives for each group and guarantee a rich experience for the students involved.


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