Canyoning FAQ's

Everything you need to know



  1. What is canyoning ?
  2. Is canyoning dangerous ?
  3. I can't swim. Can I still take part ?
  4. Do I need to book before I arrive ?
  5. What is your cancellation policy ?
  6. What should I bring ?
  7. Can I take part if I wear glasses or contact lenses ?
  8. Do you offer pick up from local stations ?
  9. What if it is raining ?
  10. When is the best time to go canyoning ?
  11. Can I choose which course to go on ?
  12. What are the most popular courses ?
  13. Can you recommend a course for me ?
  14. Do you have lunch or BBQ facilities for after my tour?
  15. Do you offer any accommodation packages ?
  16. Are canyoning and shower climbing the same thing?
  17. Can I join the tour if I am travelling alone?
  18. Is there a minimum age requirement for Canyoning?

Q1. What is canyoning?

A1. Canyoning is the sport of negotiating your way down canyons by employing various techniques including abseiling, jumping waterfalls and cliffs, cascading down natural chutes and water slides, swimming through crystal clear pools and using special rope systems, such as flying foxes. There is usually a small amount of hiking required to access most courses, but once in the canyon, nearly 80% of the time is spent in the water. For the best explanation of canyoning watch the Tour Videos. 

Q2. Is canyoning dangerous?

A2. As with any adventure sport, canyoning involves an element of risk (riskier than sitting watching TV...) However, Canyons prides itself on using only highly professional experienced guides, and the highest quality safety equipment to control the risk element and provide you with a safe and positive canyoning experience.

Q3. I can't swim. Can I still take part?

A3. Definately. Every participant wears a lifejacket which provides amply buoyancy. Our wetsuits also provides additional buoyancy so you not going to sink if you end up in the water and can't swim. 

However, those who are afraid of water, or are likely to panic if they find themselves in the water, probably want to think twice.

Q4. How far in advance should I make a booking?

A4. Prebooking is necessary. The further in advance, the better. To be sure of securing a place on a weekend, it is best to book at least 2 weeks in advance, 3 weeks in advance for the summer period. It is possible that there will be places still left "on the day", but this is very rare so please prebook so you do not miss out.

Q5.What about cancellation fees?

A5. In the unfortunate event of cancellation by customer the following changes apply. Failure to show up for your tour on time due to traffic or other circumstances will be deemed as a cancellation, so please take care, especially on weekends and make allowances for traffic.


PLEASE NOTE: Cancellations made after 17:00 will be treated as cancellations made on the following day. It is rare, but if we have to cancel the tour due to unsuitable conditions we would offer you another tour or no charges would apply.

Q6. What should I bring?

A6. Some swimwear and a towel is all you need. Canyons provide everything else that you need to take part in the tour (included in the tour price). However, you may want to bring other items that might be useful on the day such as sunscreen in the summer. 

Q7. Can I take part if I wear glasses or contact lenses?

A7. Yes you can still take part. Goggles and glasses straps are good options. Please be aware Canyons cannot take responsibility for glasses or contact lenses that maybe lost or broken.

Q8. Do you offer a pickup service?

A8. Yes, we do. In the Minakami area we pick up from Minakami Station (for local line trains) and Jomokogen Station (for bullet trains). In the Okutama area we pick up from Mitake Station (local line trains). In Minakami and Okutama we also offer pick up from selected local onsens and accommodations. Please let us know when you book that you will be travelling by train and we will make the necessary arrangements.

Q9. Do tours run in bad weather?

Yes, we can run tours in the rain, however it does depends on the situation. If the water level rises too much then we may have to reassess the situation as your safety is our number one priority. We can run tours in a certain amount or rain, but it is likely that we will cancel tours in the event of heavy rain. If this occurs, we can give you the option of changing to a whitewater rafting tour, which will run in most weather.

Q10. When is the best season?

It is always a great time to go canyoning! There is no real best season for canyoning because unlike rafting it does not depend on a high volume of water. However, if you are after a more thrilling descent, May - July typically sees higher water flows. Canyoning tours operate daily from late April until mid October.

Q11. Can I choose which course to go on?

You can make a preference on which course you would like to participate and we will make every effort to make that course available on the day. However, a different course may be chosen on the day due to weather conditions, safety regulations or the condition of your group.

Q12. What are the most popular courses?

#1 ☆Fox Canyon☆  Minakami

#2 ☆Holy☆ Okutama

#3 ☆Willow☆ Minakami 

※The popularity ranking has nothing to do with enjoyment level. Different people enjoy each canyon for a variety of reasons. Why not try them all!

Q13. Can you recommend a course for me ?

Of course, please get in touch! Just drop us a line and we can work out your requirements.
If it is your first time, you can find details such as the thrill level and hike-in time for each course on the homepage. If that doesn't help your decision, leave it to us to decide. If we know what kind of experience you are after, we can make the perfect choice for you.

Also, with the outdoors, the mornings are always the best. How about having a blast with your mates on the AM Canyoning Tour, back to base for a BBQ lunch and then a relaxing soak in an onsen or outdoor bath. Not bad for a day out...? 

Q14. Do you have Lunch or BBQ facilities for after my tour?

In Minakami you can choose one of our food plans such as a plate lunch, barbecue or snacks at our cafe and bar. We can arrange a BBQ at lunch time and dinner time after your tour, please see Canyons Minakami BBQ 

※Please note we require prebooking for BBQ plan



Q15. Do you offer any accommodation packages?

Yes we do. Canyons runs its own lodge in Minakami: Alpine Lodge

If you book a canyoning tour and stay at the Alpine Lodge you can get half day tour and one night stay with breakfast included from just 12 000 JPY per person!


If you are looking for onsen, delicious food and Japanese hospitality, there are plenty of accommodation options near to Canyons. If you book at any of Canyons' associated accommodations you can receive a good package discount.


Q16. Are Canyoning and Shower Climbing the same thing?

They are not. Shower Climbing involves making your way up a canyon, mainly employing climbing techniques that often resemble rock climbing or mountaineering. Canyoning involves making your way down a canyon. Canyoning may occasionally involve a small bit of climbing, but the main techniques are rappeling, jumping and sliding. Shower climbing is a great way to access some beautiful areas but is usually not as exciting as canyoning.

Some companies in Japan are using the word 'Canyoning' for shower climbing which can make it confusing. Overseas canyoning is better understood but the term shower climbing is not used.

Q17. Can I join the tour if I am travelling alone?

A14. Yes! This year we are accepting one person reservations. Unfortunately this is not yet available on our website so please contact our reservations staff via email or give us a call and we can make it happen.

Q18. Is there a minimum age requirement for Canyoning?

A18. It depends on the course. Fox Canyon, Willow, Maple, Holy and Big Holy are 13 years or above. For other courses please check the tour information or contact our reservations staff.

If you have any other questions that aren't covered above please drop us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will be happy to help 


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