Okutama Lunch

Stunning view and great food. Relax and refresh.

Okutama riverside cafe

Cafe "AWA"

Relax at the open deck overlooking the Tama River while enjoying a delicious meal of local cuisine. Local venison, wasabi and other delicacies cooked to perfection by our chef. 

*Open hours 1100 - 1600 *Mondays CLOSED

velcano okutama canyoning


Recommended menu 


Tender roast beef laid on a mountain of rice, topped with a raw egg and wasabi mayonnaise.

Volcano 1200 yen

Large Volcano 1500 yen

Venison Volcano 2000 yen

okutama vegcurry

Veggie and mushroom green curry

1000 yen
okutama lunch butterchickencurry

Butter Chicken curry

1,000 YEN
okutama pavlova750


380 yen

Baked meringue topped with whipped cream and fruit.(New Zealand sweets)

Okutama Base

Eat Drink Relax

okutama base5


Enjoy a meal at the cafe with its wide open views and windows that look out onto the mountain streams of the Tama River.

okutama base4

Perfect Location

The Okutama Base couldn't have a better site right on the side of the river.


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