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Sitting on the border of Gunma and Niigata Prefectures, Minakami town in Gunma is just 2 hours away from Tokyo and the metropolitan area. Minakami is at the head of the Tone River and the entrance to Joshinetsu National Park and the majestic Mt. Tanigawa. With spectacular nature on the doorstep there are a host of perfect places to enjoy a wide range of outdoor adventures. 

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Rafting and canyoning

Rafting and canyoning are the main summer activities. Rafting is a river sport that involves floating in a rubber boat and working as a team to reach the goal. Canyoning is making your way down the length of a mountain stream, over waterfalls and natural rock slides. You slide down waterfalls that can reach up to 20 meters and swimming out of the bubbling pools below. Both sports involved huge amounts of fun and adventure, with the chance to challenge yourself and enjoy the beauty of the nature in Japan.

Canyons also manage a lodge

The basic plan is accommodation with breakfast included. For dinner and lunches there are also BBQ or local restaurant plans available. With lots of professional staff from different countries there is a very international atmosphere. The lodge is situated riverside and is surrounded by nature so it is the ideal base for a groups to getaway from it all. The site itself covers a large area so big groups can be accommodated without any problems.

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 making soba noodle
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 Hiking Mt.Tanigawa
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Fun & Flexible Education Programs

Canyons run an adventure education program with the highest levels of safety management. The guiding principles include "life skills", as well as "connecting with other languages, cultures, people, nature and yourself".

Students who experience the program learn about cooperation, trust, challenge and sense of achievement in the outdoors. Exciting experiences geared towards learning outcomes lead the students towards individual growth.

Adult teambuilding

Training. Group accommodation

Organizational problem solving or leadership programs are also available. These options are available either as residential or day trip programs. Every program is built specifically for each group in a consultation with the organisation in order to ensure that specific goals are met.

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English Power Up

Having an environment in which to practice English conversation is key. Being in the great outdoors and being able to practise English is a great motivator. Along with realizing the fun of hearing and speaking English to communicate, of interaction with instructors from other countries, there is also the opportunity to become familiar with and learn about other languages and culture.

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Adventure education  

It is a process of learning via being challenged in a group by different adventures. Students have to employ problem solving and analytical skills, use their imagination, and to learn to pull together as a team. With the natural environment as the setting, adventure challenges are used to build trust and to develop interpersonal relationships.

Adventure education aims to build life skills. When one encounters difficulty, learn to think together and work towards finding a solution. Develop thinking skills. Be able to interact constructively with others. Allow yourself to trust others and in turn support them. All these skills are required to conquer the challenges and succeed in life ahead.

Canyons have a team of experienced facilitators with knowledge of leadership, motivation, personal development, environment, science, geography and culture. All these elements can be drawn upon to construct a program that is tailor-made to fit the curriculum and learning objectives for each group and guarantee a rich experience for the students involved.


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