year round programs


year round programs

Canyons runs outdoor education programs based on international standards of safety management. We have a variety of world class programs provided across the four seasons and cater for 2 main groups:


 School Groups

Canyons is one of the leading providers of outdoor education to school groups in Asia. We have over 20 year experience in Japan providing world class programmes throughout the four seasons. 

We understand the needs of international schools, as we have been working with the top schools in Asia to develop programs that meet the requirements of all international standards.  We offer a variety of standard programs but also can create custom programs to suit your needs:

  • School ski trips
  • Residential trips
  • Multisport trips
  • Duke of Edinburgh
  • Cultural trips
  • Expeditions

 Japan is the perfect location for school trips with its high level of safety, rich culture and great tourism infrastructure. We can help organise everything form the time you land to the time you fly out. 

Our school clients: <past and present>
British School of Tokyo, Yokohama International School, American School in Japan, UWCSEA, Tanglin IS, British School Manila, Harrow Bangkok, Singapore American School, NIST IS, Garden School KL...... and many more.

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Seasons of japan



Japan has one of the most reliable snow falls in the world, a large amount of ski resorts and a huge variety of winter activities to choose from.

Canyons provides school ski trips at 2 of the best snow areas in Japan; Nozawa onsen and Minakami. 

japan school ski trips 



Our main base is located in Minakami, the outdoor adventure capital of Japan.  We have a huge variety of programs to choose from throughout the green season

summer programs

school rafting

Outdoor Education

It is a process of learning via being challenged in a group by different adventures. Students have to employ problem solving and analytical skills, use their imagination, and to learn to pull together as a team. With the natural environment as the setting, adventure challenges are used to build trust, character and to develop interpersonal relationships.

Outdoor education aims to build life skills. Challenges are encoutered and the group need to explore solutions, be innovative, learn from each attempt, and have the resilience to keep going. Through this collaborative interaction they develop thinking and communication skills, learn to trust and support others, and are often suprised with their outcomes having being confronted by a seemingly insurmountable obstacle. All these skills are required to conquer the challenges and succeed in life ahead. Feelings of empowerment and sense of achievement inspire confidence for future adventures.

Canyons have a team of experienced facilitators with knowledge of leadership, motivation, personal development, environment, science, geography, and culture. All these elements can be drawn upon to construct a program that is tailor-made to fit the curriculum and learning objectives for each group and guarantee a rich experience for the students involved.

Canyons provide year round adventure education options that takes advantage of the best that each season has to offer and that use the natural environment as part of their team building and activity programs. These programs aim to engage the emotions, and the experiences involved are a form of learning that the students can build on. In a quickly changing world they are training for jobs that may not exist yet and this kind of education outside the classroom prepares them to experiment, reflect, and learn.

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Teachers pack

We understand that schools and parents have high expectations of outdoor education operators and the teachers that organize trips. In order to make the organization as easy as possible we have created the "Teacher Pack". A collection of documents to aid in the creation of your trip and inform parents of details.

The pack includes:

  Risk assessment

  Parental consent forms

  Pupil record sheet

  Operator and activity explanation (power point - can be used for school and parent briefing)

  Quote generator

  Insurance details

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Emma Hall

Head of senior PE, Tanglin Trust School Singapore

Just wanted to say thank you very much for everything last week. It was a great trip and I have had so many emails from the parents, I have attached them below as they are raving about the instructors and thought it would be nice for you guys to hear. We were very impressed with the slickness of the whole trip, it seemed that nothing was forgotten and everything had been thought of. (It may have not felt like that to you! But it definitely was one of the best and easiest ski trips I have taken) I think all of the instructors and staff that worked with our students were fantastic. That alone would ensure a return trip from us. Working everyday in a school environment it can be easy to be critical of coaches and instructors, but it was faultless for every instructor. In my experience this is a difficult task, but your instructors managed to be constantly enthusiastic, fun, patient, kind, and extremely professional. I haven’t seen our kids waxing so lyrically about their instructors before, and never have the teachers felt like such a spare part and even feeling like it was a "holiday" trip and not just work!! (although better keep that quiet to all the other staff here!)?We had a group of mixed athletic abilities?but the fact that every student walked off the slopes every day with an enormous feeing of success and at the end of the week, all were keen to come back on a ski trip again is testament to all of the instructors. Snowshoeing was great and a good break for the students. They really seemed to get together and were a lot more outgoing and chatty after that for the rest of the week. The Japanese meal was great and again something that they felt was well worth doing. We liked the ski resort at Houdaigi and it was a great beginners and intermediate range. It was great to go to Kagura and see something new too as well.

Dave Gotterson

Department Head, High school social studies, The American School in Japan

Our school has taken about 40 upper high school students on a three day outdoor challenge trip in early November for the last 6 years with Canyons Japan. We complete most of these activities each year: canyoning, caving, downhill mountain biking, rafting, rock climbing, orienteering and a campfire at Canyons base on the banks of the Tone river. Each year there is a waiting list for students to go on the trip and our school is in the process of expanding to a winter trip to include skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing. Canyons provides all equipment, which is well maintained and very functional, in one central location on the Tone river, the venue for most of the water activities. The Minakami base has hot showers, change rooms, restaurant, skateboard ramp, pool table and a huge indoor/outdoor deck overlooking the river. Students move easily from one activity to another meaning that they can experience much with little downtime. Canyons transport us on their own buses between activities, to and from our hotel and the local station. They also have on site accommodation at their base on the river banks. Students on all our trips invariably have a great time. They are challenged, in ability level groups andA?rise to the occasion doing things they would never ordinarliy tackle.A? Canyons encourages teachers to join in with students in the activities. It is rewarding and reassuring for teachers to know thatA? students will love this trip, will gain great outdoor experience and a respect for the natural environment.A?Students will also gain a valuable insight into the Japanese reverence for natureA?and will be effectively organized, instructed and led by the Canyons staff. We will continue our relationship with Canyons Japan into the future as these trips meet our needs for quality outdoor education.

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