If you are a Gunma resident KEEP READING!

Canyons has an amazing offer for any Gunma residents to make use of the prefectures Aikyo (Love Local) Campaign + Minakami Heart points campaign.

Available for any accommodation package until May 31st!

Lodge + Rafting

Lodge + Canyoning

Glamping + Rafting

Glamping + Canyoning

Here's the deal. For anyday accommodation package you get 5000 yen discount and for all weekdays you also receive 2000 yen worth of Minakami Heart (MH) points.

03 850550 info


Example 1 (weekend)

Saturday Lodge (Breakfast included) + Half day spring rafting
5000yen + 9500 yen = 14500 yen per person

Campaign price 9500 yen

This means you get the value of the lodge for free!  

Example 2 (weekday)

Waterfront glamping + Fox Canyon (for 2 people)
11,500 yen + 9500 yen = 21000 yen per person

Campaign price 16000 yen & you receive 2000 yen worth of MH points


>The maximum use is up to 3 days per person per trip (5000 yen x 3 days = 15,000 yen)

>Proof of Gunma residency is required when checking in

>Minakami Heart points can be used at many shops around Minakami, including Canyons!

>To receive Minakami Heart points you have to install the app and it only aplies for weekday bookings

How to Book

1. Choose your tour and add accommodation in options

2. In comments write "Gunma Aikyo Campaign"

3. When arriving at Canyons show your proof of Gunma residency and fill in campaign form


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