It's the middle of August already, and we want to make sure you're feeling refreshed with our Instagram Hashtag Campaign!!

Upload your photos on Instagram of refreshing experiences at Canyons with the designated hashtag #キャニオンズ2019 for the next two weeks for a chance to win prizes!

The top prize is Canyons tour half-day tickets, along with other prizes that can be used in the summer season (April to October) from 2019 to 2020.



Participation is incredibly simple:

In August, post a photo of a refreshing experience at Canyons with the hashtag #キャニオンズ2019 on your Instagram account.

That's it!

hashtag cany3


・ We accept submissions in August only.
・ The lottery will be held in September.
・ Prizes are as follows. *

★ Most likes!

The post with the most likes will win
→ 2019-2020 Green Season Pair Half-Day Tour Tickets (Equivalent to 19,000 yen)

★ Mike Award This special award will be selected by Mike (Big Boss of Canyons)
→ Double heat resistant Canyons original eco tumbler for 2 people (Equivalent to 1,500 yen each)

★ Special Award
→ Original sticker

・ The winners will be announced on September 9th (Monday) on the Canyons official blog.
 Please contact us during September if you are a winner.  
 Note that you must claim your prize by September 30, 2019 or the prize will be canceled. 


Other notes:

・ Eligible photos are limited to a refreshing experience at Canyons.
・ The deadline to claim your prize is 9/30/2019 23:59
・ Gift tumblers will be given at the next tour participation or delivered by mail.
・ Sticker prizes will be given at the next tour participation or delivered by mail.

* If you do not plan to participate in a tour by March 31, 2020, we will mail it your prize.

-Tour ticket prize will be delivered digitally. Please keep a copy of the screenshot.
・ Green Season tour tickets expire October 2020.
・ Use of tour tickets is limited to the following tours:
→ Fox Course, Rafting, Packcraft, Holy Course, Big Holy Course, Willow Course

Reservations are required in advance for participating in the tour.
 Please tell us when you make a reservation about the use of the ticket.
・ Please present your ticket at the reception on the day of participation.


hashtag cany1


When posting on Instagram, search for #キャニオンズ2019. You'll find many photos you can be inspired by.

Let's start this campaign! We can't wait to see your Instagram posts!! 

hashtag cany2



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