Full-Day Combo (Fox Canyon + Summer Half-Day Rafting)


Full-Day Combo (Fox Canyon + Summer Half-Day Rafting)

Season Jul - Oct
Duration 6-7 Hours
Price ¥16,000 - ¥16,500
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Tour Details

Please read carefully before booking

Free parking
Changing room
Personal effects
* Please bring your own swimwear and towels 
* If you wear glasses, please bring a strap (also available at Canyons) If you wear glasses we recommend using disposable contact lenses

Cancellations made by customers (includes decreasing of booked numbers)
15 - 7 days before: 20% 6 - 2 days before: 30% Day before: 50% On the day: 100%
* Minimum age for participants is 13 years old
* Pregnant ladies cannot participate on this tour
* Tours will still run if it is raining though excessively high water may cause the tour to be cancelled 
* No alcohol is permitted prior to the tour. Furthermore, anyone who cannot participate on the tour due to having consumed alcohol will be liable for cancellation charges 

Tour Flow

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  • 1. Welcome to Canyons Minakami Arrive at our base by car or shuttle bus and meet our reception staff. Once you have checked in using our ipad system and paid for your adventure you will meet your guide
  • 2. Tour Briefing Your guide for the day will give a quick briefing, issue you with gear, and take you off to the changing room. Once changed into your wet suit, you will receive a life jacket and helmet. Let’s get into the bus and go for the morning adventure!
  • 3. Safety Talk Please listen carefully to your guide. At the start point, guides will give a safety explanation. After a gear check, you are ready to start!
  • 4. Start Just relax and let the flow of the river carry you away
  • 5. Tour And the fun begins as we explore the canyon...
  • 6. Lunch Back to base for lunch. Rest by the riverside and refuel with a delicious lunch.
  • 7. Tour Brief Your guide for the afternoon will give a tour brief. You are already have your wetsuit, lifejacket and helmet so you just need to grab a paddle. Let's get into the bus for a short ride and start our rafting adventure!
  • 8. Safety talk Please listen carefully to your guide. At the start point, guides will give a safety explanation. After a gear check, you are ready to start!
  • 9. Start We start slowly and warm up with some paddling practice on the river
  • 10. Tour Enjoy the sights, sounds and sensations of this awesome tour! Plenty of time for swimming and jumping
  • 11. Goal To refresh your mind, body and soul. After a refreshing day canyoning and rafting smiley faces are all around
  • 12. Back to base Change out of your gear and meet up with your guide and teammates. Kick back and relax with drinks or a BBQ then look back at a great day on the river!

Tour Information

Full-Day Combo (Fox Canyon + Summer Half-Day Rafting)

Combine the thrill of canyoning and rafting in one hit at Canyons Minakami. Together these two highlight the best that Minakami has to offer in summertime.

If it is your first time canyoning and you are up for some thrills, then this is the place to start. It is also perfect for groups with lots of different thrill levels! It's easy to access and a short walk from where the bus drops you. Fox is an incredibly beautiful canyon with some great jumps, slides and waterfalls. 

After a morning of adventure we head back to base for lunch. Kick back and relax for a while before it is time to head out for the afternoon dose of thrills.

A good break and a refueling lunch on the deck at Canyons between activities means even an absolute beginner can enjoy the combination of two activities in one day.

With less water flowing down the Tone River in summer months the rapids mellow out and there is more time to relax and play on the river. Escape the heat and humidity of summer in the refreshing waters flowing down from the towering mountains. Enjoy jumping from the river bank, diving out of the raft and floating in cool pools.


Jul - Oct

Location: Minakami

Ease of access : Easy

Special point: Full-day combo

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Canyons Minakami Base/Canyons Alpine lodge 45 Yubiso Minakami-machi Tone-gun Gunma JAPAN 〒379-1728




Season Jul - Oct
Duration 6-7 Hours
Price ¥16,000 - ¥16,500
Availability Check


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