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2 hours from Tokyo

Snow experience Japan!

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Minakami Snowshoe Tour

Snowshoe tour in Minakami

January 5th 2017 start

The ultimate day of nature trekking. Enjoy spectacular mountain views and a delicious fully catered outdoor picnic lunch. Each course can be customized to include more nature interpretation for those that just want to relax or more adventure for the adrenaline junkies! The adventure snowshoe includes a series of giant slides down some pretty knarly terrain!

Snowshoe tour in Minakami

Anyone can taste such scenery.

Snowshoe tour in Minakami

Anyone can simplify it without an exercise.

sSnowshoe tour in Minakami

Everyone can experience this beautiful world as long as you snowshoe.
Taste the fluffy snow, please feel a pleasant feeling difficult to express by words!

Snowshoe tour in Minakami

It is pleasant for the footprint of the animal to find it.

Snowshoe tour in Minakami

Sliding,make a dive...

Snowshoe tour in Minakami

Let's go for Snow experience!

【Half day tour】

January 5 - March 31

We will take you to the best condition of the day.
Also a big welcome for the first time in person.

Price 6000 JPY

【Full day tour】
  • January 7(Sat)/January 14(Sat)/February 11(Sat)/March 19(Sun)

The course is Ichinokura or Ohyu cave.

Price 9500 JPY

  • Some days are already filled with reservations. Please confirm the availability beforehand and make a booking.

Detailed Info

Time required Half day tour : 4 hours
Full day tour : 7-8 hours
Meeting 8:30 am at CANYONS MINAKAMI BASE
45 Yubiso Minakami-machi Tone-gun Gunma Japan :Tel 0278-72-2811
See Access
Pick up service Available(Booking required)
◆Free Shuttle from closest station
JRJoetsu Line「Minakami Station 8:20
◆Free shuttle service from all local accommodation is available.
※Please let us know if you require a pick up when you make your booking.
Includes Guide fee, necessary equipment (snowshoes and poles), insurance,Tour photo&HD movie data
Extra cost

Rental gear :Snow wear, Snow boots

Snowshoe rental equipment detailes≫

Conditions Half day 8 yrs or older / Full day 13 yrs or older
Minimum number of people 2 people

Where to go?


Mt.Tanigawa,Ichino Kurasawa view course

This course is recommended on a fine weather day. We will go along the Yubiso River while doing nature observations and sliding.


Ohyu cave Mysterious Ice Bamboos shoot Course

Usually, the ice pillar (icicle) hanging down from the top, but ice growing from the bottom in the Cave? It is! This is called ice-bamboo shoot. It is a mysterious sight rarely seen. While strolling in the forest aim for this great cave.

What to bring/About cancellation

Personal Effects Canyons provide the snowshoes and poles. 
What to bring: ski/snowboard clothing, gloves, sunglasses/goggles, hat, drink, snowboots [Rental available]
Heat keeping thermal innerwear(synthetics are preferable),towel,change of clothes
See equipment page for more details
Rental ◆Snowshoe boots rental ¥500
◆Backpack rental - available if required
Cancellation ■Cancellations made by customers (Includes decreasing of booked numbers)
15 - 7 days before: 20% 6-2 days before: 30% day before:50% on the day:100%
Caution If you have been drinking alcohol you are unable to take part in a tour.
Furthermore in the event that you are unable to take part due to alcohol
consumption, you will still be liable for full cancellation charges.

If you are pregnant you are unable to take part in a tour.

Tour Flow

Tour Start Meeting at Canyons Base in Minakami
Meet at the Adventure Centre in Minakami and head in to Reception to sign in. Snowshoeing is relatively safe but is still an outdoor sport so we get you to fill out a tour participation form for insurance purposes. It is also a good chance to settle up the tour fee.
Ready to go? A quick crash course on how to walk in snow shoes….
Once the gear is all sorted it is off to the start point. Get used to the snowshoes and the poles as the guide explains the best way to use them.
Explore a winter wonderland Refresh yourself in nature's beauty
Into the snow covered world we go... 
Snowshoeing doesn't require any high level skills so you'll soon be skipping through the snow.
There is loads of fun to be had.
The feeling of soft, fresh snow is truly amazing.
Stunning natural sights and things that you can only see in the wilderness during winter.
Sliders - were you expecting high thrill and speedy descents? Great fun.
Winter in the mountains offers breathtaking scenery at every turn.
The finish Back to base after an enjoyable tour.
Thanks for coming and we are sure you enjoyed it. Hand back the equipment, change and warm up before heading out for a relaxing soak in one of the many local onsen.

Booking / Inquiry

Canyons Minakmai Office: 9am-5pm Tel  0278-72-2811  From over sea 81-278-722-811

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