2 hours from Tokyo

Real excitement and adventure within two hours of Tokyo. Try canyoning and rafting with Canyons.


GALA Snowsports School

GALA Yuzawa has its own bullet train station right at the base of the resort.
Step off the train, pick up your pass and gear and you're ready to go!

Private Lessons

Customized to suit your needs, Private lesson is for those who value their time.
Also available for custom needs such as Park and Powder.

From 22000 yen per instructor

*Lift tickets and rentals are not included in the price
*Advanced booking is required as numbers of instructors are limited

Lesson detail



From 4500yen

*Available from 2 people, you'll be in a class with other participants at similar level.
(Up to 10 people in a class)

Lesson detail


Ski Levels


If you……

The next step


Have never skied before

Learn how to use equipment, Safety&Mountain Code, Stop in a wedge

Can Stop in a wedge

Make basic turn in a wedge, Learn to ride a chair lift


Can stop and make basic turn in a wedge

Link wedge turns and control speed in beginner(green) terrain

Can link wedge turns with confidence and control

Match skies to parallel at end of each turn, Build more confidence in novice(easy blue) terrain


Can match ski to parallel from middle of the turn

Ski novice(blue) terrain with confidence and control, Match skis earlier in the turns

Ski novice(blue) terrain with confidence and control, Match skies early in the turn

Make round parallel turns with control and pole plant, Learn to do different radious turns and control them



Make strong turns on intermediate(blue/red) terrain with confidence and control, control size of the turns

Carving turns, Adopting to different terrain, Introduction to bumps, challenge steeper terrain

Dynamic carving turns with confidence, controlled turns in any condition or terrain

Precise technique in all conditions & terrain, Dynamism without effort

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Snowboard levels

If you……

The next step


Have never snowboarded before

Learn how to use equipment, Safety&Mountain Code, Learn basic stance & balance on snowboard

Can't ride chair lift by yourself

Skating, Straight runs with one foot attached and stopping, basic side slip


Can ride chair lift and come down with controlled side slip

Pendulum(falling leaf), learning to use both edges(toe and heel), introduction to basic skidded turns

Can perform pendulum(falling leaf) with confidence, perform basic skidded turn

Penduluming on both edges, linking skidded turns

Can link skidded turn in beginner(green) terrain

Link skidded turn with confidence and control in beginner(green) terrain, learn to control speed with both turns(toe and heel)


Confidently link skidded turns in novice(blue) terrain

Learn to control turn shape and size, Introduction to basic carving

Can control basic carving turns on novice(blue) terrain, Can control turn shapes and sizes on novice(blue) terrain

Improve carving turns, Challenging steeper terrain, Introduction to basic freestyle moves on flats


Can control carving turns on intermediate(blue/red) runs with various turn shapes and sizes

Refine carving skills, adopting to different terrain, basic tricks on flats

Can perform and control turns in various terrain/situations

Applying precise techniques to differnt terrain/situations

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