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Rafting in Japan

With the waters flowing off Mount Tanigawa in spring the Tone River has its highest water level of the year and the long one day course can be enjoyed during that season. With lower water over summer it is the perfect time to enjoy jumping and swimming in the Tone River.


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Half day course

Canyons Rafting Tours are only held in the Minakami area. The Spring Season brings world-class whitewater and high thrills, and Summer Season involves enjoying playing in and outside the boat. The two seasons are very different in terms of distance covered on the river and the type of experience, so pick your ideal thrill level.

Canyons limit the number of trips held each day. Even though the length and style of tour varies between seasons, Canyons aim to give you the most time to enjoy yourself in the whole of Minakami.

  • High water rafting  April - June
  • Sunmmer rafting July-October 21st
Spring white water rafting tour Summer Rafting tour

Full day course

  • This is held only in May! Do not miss this chance! Most recommended tour in Spring.
  • Ride the biggest Rapids on the Tone River a course up to 25km long. 


Rafting is an adventure sport where you and your companions negotiate the whitewater rapids in the same boat. It has been a popular sport in the United States, Australia and New Zealand for the past 30 years and recently has been enjoying a boom in Japan. Whether clinging on to stay in the raft, or paddling frantically, under the watchful eye of your experienced guide this is a challenging adventure that can be enjoyed by the experienced or first timers alike.


Canyons Guides have worked all over the globe and each of them bring top level international guiding qualifications to the team. Not only our guides, but also the gear we use is rigourously tested before making the cut. In line with our belief in continual improvement, we're always training and aiming to further improve the quality and safety of our tours.

The snow melt in spring makes for high-water, high-thrill rafting and is recommended for the adventure seekers.

In summer the lower water level offers a mellower experience and a chance to have fun in the river, and escape the heat.

Viewing the changing of the leaves in autumn from the boat is a stunning experience.


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