Full Day Caving Tour

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Explore the depths of Changara Cave by climbing, ascending, rapelling, crawling, squeezing and scrambling your way through the labryinth of tunnels and caverns. The climax is a 30 m rapell out a "window" in the cave.

The temperature in the cave remains the same year round so caving is perfect for late Autumn when outside temperatures drop.

We provide you with caving overalls, hemlet, headlamp, boots and a caving harness.  Just bring a thin layer to wear underneath and a change of clothes for after the onsen post-tour.


Course Breakdown


Course Info

Duration 6~7 hours
Meeting time
Conditions Over 16 yrs
Detailed info

Detailed Info

Meeting Place

Villa Seseragi  9:30am

Gunma ken, Tanogun, Uenomura, Katsuyama 684-1


Available (though please let us know in advance)
※The pick up service is available from any of the above three stations. Please arrive at the station before 0830.

Parking Please use the Villa Seseragi Parking
Changing Room Unavailable
Shower After the tour we use the onsen at Villa Seseragi
Age Over 16 yrs
Access (car) 【If coming on the Kanetsu Expressway】From Honjo KodamaI.C, take Route 462 towards Jikkokutoge、continuing in that direction on Route 299. Villa Seseragi is about 4 kms down that road.
【If coming on the Joshinetsu Expressway】From Shimonita I.C take Route 254 towards Shimonita, and at [Shimonita] junction turn left onto Route 45. When you hit Route 299 take a left and Villa Seseragi is about 10 kms down that road.
Access (train) 【Joetsu Shinkansenn】 Honjo Waseda Station
【Takasaki Line】 Honjo Station
【Hachiko Line】 Kodama Station

Notes on participation

Personal Effects All necessary equipment is provided by Canyons. Under your overalls it is best to wear long sleeves/trousers made of synthetic fibres that is easy to move in. Bring a towel and a change of clothes (we give you an overall but there is the likelihood that it will get damp during the tour.)

◆All the necessary equipment is included in the tour fee.


■Cancellations made by customers (Includes decreasing of booked numbers)
15 - 7 days before: 20% 6-2 days before: 30% day before:50% on the day:100%

Caution If you have been drinking alcohol you are unable to take part in a tour.
Furthermore in the event that you are unable to take part due to alcohol
consumption, you will still be liable for full cancellation charges.

If you are pregnant you are unable to take part in a tour.
Tour Flow

Tour Flow

Tour Start Villa Seseragi Meeting Point
All participants meet at Villa Seseragi (Pick ups from the nearest station are available but please let us know in advance.)
With the fee paid and the paperwork filled out, we are good to go.
Arrival the the caves Feeling Adventurous?
Once you have arrived at the entrance to the caves, strap on the gear, and listen to the safety briefind from the guide
In the caves The cave is full of different sized chambers
The different chambers of the cave stretch into the depths. Hold your breath as you negotiate a tight squeeze, or have your breath taken from you as you rappel into the darkness below.
Tour Finish A refreshing onsen.
With lunch out of the way it is back into the depths as the adventure continues.

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If your booking is for today or tomorrow please contact us by phone.

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