Canyoning for repeaters!

Full Day Canyoning Tours

Looking for a real adventure? Spend a entire day negotiating some of our amazing full day courses.
1 Day Canyoning is only available for 16 yrs or older/repeaters.


Agatsuma Canyoning tour

Dates: June 11th/18th
July 3rd
September 4th/17th

Can be acquired license: Rope master

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maple detail

Minakami Maple Canyon

Dates:August 27th
September 11th

Can be acquired license: Rope master

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Okutama canyoning course


June 4th/5th/18th/19th
July 18th
September 19th 

Can be acquired license: Rope master,Jump master

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If you really want to take things to the next level then our Special Courses are where its at! Because of the difficulty of some of these Canyons we only offer special courses to those who have proven the necessary skills (Canyon Badge) to participate on other courses.

Canyons Badge System

Skill proficiency system where we recognize your canyoning skills according to 3 categories to maximize the safety and match your level to special tours.

How Can I Attain a Badge?

Participate in either the Twin Pack or 1 Day Canyoning tour to attain a badge. (Certain badge may only be available on certain course)

Special Canyoning Courses

Once you have the badge, you’re now ready for the super adventure with our special courses!

CanyoningLicense rope en

CanyoningLicense jump en

CanyoningLicense slider en

crystal detail

Crystal Course

Only for those who don’t fear heights...
Required: Jump Master + Rope Master
August 28th / September 10th
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poison last waterfall

Poison Course

Welcome to super intense “Onsen Canyon”
Required: Rope Master+Slider Master
Dates: July 2nd / Sept 22nd
Price: 20,000JPY
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yamanashi big waterfall

Yamanashi Course

The most intensive slider course in Japan. Not for the faint hearted!
Required: Slider Master

Still not enough…!?

We have “Secret” course available for those who completed all of our special canyoning adventures!
We’re also doing research for new canyoning fields every year so there’re more adventure to come in the future...

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