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Full Day Deer Canyon


The one day Deer Canyon tour is a double whammy in that it combines two half day tours, both of which are phenomenal on their own, into one long action-packed trip. This tour is a great showcase for the variety to be had in the sport of canyoning as there really is a littel bit of everything - jumps, ropework, waterfalls, sliders. It's all there.

With the range of features on offer in Deer this is another contender for "Most Thrilling Tour" and is not one for those who are hoping for a sedate swim in a mountain stream.


Course Map


Course Breakdown


Course info

Duration 6-7 hours
Tour Date June 11th/18th
July 3rd
September 4th/17th
Number 4 - 10 people
Price 16000yen
Includes: Rental Equipment, Guide, Lunch,and Insurance.
Tour Time 9:30
Conditions Over 16 yrs
Completely repeater special course

Detailed Info

Detailed Info

Meeting Place Canyons AgatsumaBase 2293 Iriyama, Kuni-mura, Agatsuma-gun, Gunma-ken
  • If you use Car navigation,attention! there are many models to guide the Shirane-Shibutoge area in the north of Kusatsu.Canyons Azuma base is to the southeast of Kusatsu city center. Please be careful not to mistake
  • GPS add 「六合村ふるさと活性化センター」Kunimura Furusato Kasseika center
Booking Canyons Minakami Office 0278-72-2811
( on request)
  • Nearest pick-up location:Naganohara Kusatsu guchi Station
  • Each accommodation Kusatsu Onsen area
Parking Free parking
Changing Room Womens / Mens
Shower Shower
Access (car) From Tokyo
Take the Kanetsu Expressway to Shibukawa I.C. then take route 145 towards Kusatsu. When you get to Naganohara Kusatsuguchi Station follow the map to the base ( Approx. 4 hours .) From Niigata
Take the Kanetsu Expressway to Shibukawa I.C. ( Approx. 3 hours.) From Nagano
Take the Joshinetsu Expressway to Shinshu Nakano I.C. and follow signs onto the Shiga Nakano toll road for Shiga Kogen. The toll road runs into Rte 292 for Shiga Kogen.
Access (train) From Ueno Stn. take the Joetsu Bullet train to Taksaki Stn. Change to the Agatsuma Line and get off at Naganohara Kusatsuguchi Stn.
150 mins from Ueno (210 mins on the slow train)

Notes On Participation

Personal Effects Swimwear and towels
If you wear glasses, please bring a strap (also available at Canyons) If you
use contact lenses, you may wish to bring goggles.
We recommend wearing contact lenses rather than glasses.

The tour fee includes all the gear you will need


■Cancellations made by customers (Includes decreasing of booked numbers)
15 - 7 days before: 20% 6-2 days before: 30% day before:50% on the day:100%

Caution Tours still run if it is raining, though excessively high water may cause the tour to be cancelled.
No alcohol is permitted prior to the tour. Furthermore, anyone who cannot participate on the due to having consumed alcohol will be liable for cancellation charges.
Pregnant ladies cannot participate on this tour.
Tour Flow

Tour Flow

Reception Welcome to Canyons Agatsuma.
Once you have signed in, filled out the participation form and paid for the adventure, your guide for the day will give you your gear and take you off to the changing room.
Departure Off we go.
Once at the start point there is a safety explanation, a run through of rafting basics and a chance to have a bit of practice with the paddle.
Lunch time

eat lunch in the canyon

Goal Point

We did!
Tired by satisfied we reach the take out point with nothing but smiling faces all around.

Back at base Kick back and relax.
Change out of your rafting gear and meet up with your guide and teammates again. Look back at a great day on the river. When it is time to leave your guide will let you know what other things there are to do close by, and if you have any questions, just ask.

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