lodge night

Mission, Vision, Values


Mission outlines our purpose.

Refresh the world through adventure experiences.


  • Enjoyment - Mental and physical break from daily routine
  • Growth - Develop potential through moving experiences that provide challenge and achievement. Sharing and hearing new perspectives.
  • Connection - Connection with nature, other people, other cultures, yourself

Adventure experiences:

  • a stimulating experience that will induce a range of emotions(of which excitement will be key)
  • different from everyday life
  • include mental and/or physical challenges and risk
  • be intrinsically rewarding, providing opportunities for enjoyment, learning and self-development
  • both hard and soft adventure

Refresh customers, community, nature:

  • By creating refreshed customers that spread that positive feeling into the world; their workplace, their families, their friends
  • Refreshing local communities by contributing knowledge, financial benefits, employment and positive energy.
  • By sustaining the natural environment we use and inspiring the implementation of solutions to the environmental crisis 
  • By creating a positive work environment that facilitates personal growth.


What we aspire to be in the future.

Become the world leader in outdoor adventure experiences.

World Leader:

Creating change for the better

Having followers

Global scale.


Any place outside, not indoors


Values are the underlying beliefs and principles that guide our actions.

Balance  - customers happiness, community happiness, crews happiness(work, family, fun)

WOW - exceeding customer expectations and having a positive lasting emotional impact

Global standards -  we want to be at the forefront of the industry adopting the best practices and           standards from around the world for all facets of operations

Sustainability - Be long term focused on the four pillars; quality experiences, ecological protection, contribution to community, profitability. Strive to provide a stable long term work environment.

Leadership -  Strive to become the best leaders we can by adopting the best values of leadership: Respect, fairness, honesty, responsibility, flexability, service to others....

Learn, grow and teach - Take on new challenges, continually learn and grow, pass on knowledge by teaching others..

Passion - Have passion for what we do, be positive and inspire others.

Creativity - Always look to improve, innovate and be open to new ideas