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Canyons Minakami Access

Meeting Place

Canyons Minakami Base/Canyons Alpine lodge 
45 Yubiso Minakami-machi Tone-gun Gunma JAPAN

Canyons Minakami Office open 9:00-17:00

Car Take the Kanetsu Expresway from Nerma to Minakami IC (about 2 hours)
Train Take the Takasaki Line from Ueno to Minakami Stn. (about 3 hours) OR
Take the Joetsu Bullet train from either Tokyo or Ueno Stn. to JomoKogen Stn. (about 70 mins)
Train time
Canyoning or Rafting tour
Shuttle servis
*Booking required

  • Shinkansen JR Jomokogen station  8:00/11:15/12:15
  • Conventional lines Minakami Station  8:20/8:50/11:40/12:35

Night time

  • Conventional lines Minakami Station 20:40
  • Shinkansen JR Jomokogen station 20:00

Also we can pick-up from each accommodation in Minakami town.

Parking Free parking

Canyons Minakami
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From the Minakami IC
Turn left after coming off IC. Take next left at traffic lights and follow R291 for around 5kms. At the Oana traffic lights (4th set after turning left) turn right. Follow the road for about 500m, (as you cross the bridge you can see Canyons upstream) take the first left after the bridge, Canyons is 100m on the left.
NOTE: If you enter the Canyons phone number into your car navi it may take you to a location 1.5kms away. Best to use the address.

ON weekends an public holidays the roads can become extremely crowded. It is best to leave well in advance in order to arrive on time. Please contact us if you are unsure.

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canyons Okutama access


53 Kawai, Okutama-Machi, Nishitama-Gun,Tokyo
*Please input to car navigation the place name "Seseragi no sato bijutsukan" 

Access by Car

From Tokyo area 
Chuo Expressway Hachioji JCT ~ Kenodo~ exit Hinode IC ~  Route 411 - 40 min Okutama 
from Saitama area 
Kenodo Expressway Ome IC exit ~ Ome Road- 40 min Okutama

Access by train Direct express from Shinjuku "Holiday Express Okutama"
From Tokyo:
1.Transfer from Chuo Line to Ome Line at Hachioji Station.
2.Transfer at Ome station for Okutama bound train
From Yokohama:
1.Transfer from Yokohama Ome Line at Hachioji Station
2.Transfer at Ome station for Okutama bound train
From Kawasaki:
1.Transfer from Nanbu Line to Ome Line at Hachioji Station.
2.Transfer at Ome station for Okutama bound train
From Takasaki:
1.Transfer from Hachiko Line to Ome Line at Haijima Station.
2.Transfer at Ome station for Okutama bound train
  • JR Ome Line "Mitake station"
  • It is approximately 1.0km to Okutama direction Ome Kaido
  • A 20-minute walk the promenade along the river

See map

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Canyons agatsuma access

agatsuma english
View Google Map


JR limited express + bus (one way fare: 5,960 yen)

Ueno Station -<limited express 150 min>- Naganohara Kusatsu-guchi Staion -<Bus 30 min>- Kusatsu Onsen Bus Terminal

Access to Kusatsu onsen


Expressway bus (One way fare 3300yen)

Shinjuku Nishi-guchi Bus Terminal - Kusatsu Onsen Bus Terminal. 4 hours.

Access to Kusatsu onsen


From Tokyo
Take the Kanetsu Expressway to Shibukawa I.C. then take route 145 towards Kusatsu. When you get to Naganohara Kusatsuguchi Station follow the Google map to the Canyons agatsuma base ( Approx. 4 hours and 3000 yen in tolls.)

From Niigata
Take the Kanetsu Expressway to Shibukawa I.C. ( Approx. 3 hours and 4500 yen in tolls.)

From Nagano
Take the Joshinetsu Expressway to Shinshu Nakano I.C. and follow signs onto the Shiga Nakano toll road for Shiga Kogen. The toll road runs into Rte 292 for Shiga Kogen. Continue over Mt Shirane to Kusatsu and then follow the map

Car Navi
You can not use the address of our base for car navigation systems as it takes you somewhere 30kms away.  Please use the following information to get within 5kms then use the Google map at the link below.

Warning!! Weekend traffic can become very congested, espeacially on long weekends! Leave early (before 6:00am past Nerima for AM tours) to beat the traffic out of Tokyo, then rest when you get here!

Kusatsu Town Information

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